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03 March 2016 @ 03:12 am

Well, as I looks around what I save in my computers, I found the scanlations from Arashi Cookbook. Love all the cute and dorky poses from everyone. The food look delicious too

Well, I post first to tumblr and then decide to post it here for no apparent reason...maybe just because I want to update somet

19 September 2015 @ 01:28 am
Title: Trying to Hold You Again
Pairing: Sho x Jun
Rating: PG

Notes: unbetaed.  Lots of grammar mistake. Hope you guys like it

Jun take a deep breath to calm himself up.Collapse )
17 September 2015 @ 01:27 am

Pairing: Sho x??
Rating: PG

Notes: unbetaed.  Lots of grammar mistake

Sho sigh and takes off his shoes.  Looking inside his dark apartment makes him missing someone really badly.Collapse )

Notes 2: Inspired by Arashi's song,  Tell Me Why. Don't hate me if you dont like it but please do tell me how you feel about it by commenting.  ^_^

25 December 2011 @ 12:00 am
Merry Christmas minna-san~

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08 November 2011 @ 05:03 pm
Chapter 3

“Ohayo gozaimasu~” Jun greets everyone as he come inside the dance practice room. Chorus of ohayo came from everyone especially from Arashi members. He sits beside Ohno and start to stretch.

“Satomi-chan is here, at Japan,” Jun said between stretches. Ohno look a bit startled and stares at him.

“Really?” Ohno asked. Jun nods his head and drink from the bottle water.

“It seems she has work here and will be staying for a while. She visit my mom last night and my mom kinda trick her by telling I am not gonna be home while I am on the way home,” Jun explained while looking at everyone playing around in the practice room. Ohno laugh a little and Jun can hear that Ohno whispered to himself something about what a good job Jun’s mom did. Jun chuckled a little. Suddenly a clapped can be heard.

“Alright, Arashi, please do get into position. We gonna practice Refrain,” the choreographer said. All of them start to get into the position and the moment the song started, they start to move one by one. For some reason, this song reminds Jun about Satomi and when they sing the chorus, it really hits Jun.

Ano hi no bokutachi wa sunao ni narenakute
(The two of us from those days couldn't be honest with each other)
Kimi no yokogao zutto Mitsumeta mama kisetsu wa sugita ne
(I always passed the seasons by gazing at you from the side, didn't I?)
Me wo tojireba setsunaku itoshii yo
(If I close my eyes, this is a painful love)
Itsuka no “aishiteru” kotoba ni dekinakute
(Unable to one day say the words "I love you")
Yawaraka na kioku wa(Kagayaku yo)
(The gentle memories [Are shining])
Koraeta namida kobore ochite kaze ni tsutsumareteita
(The tears I'd been fighting back spilled over and were hidden by the wind)

Jun’s voice cracked when he sings the last part. He can’t conceal his emotion anymore and tears dropped from his eyes. He immediately excuses himself and get out from the room. Not soon after that, Ohno follows Jun out to check on him while everyone still shocked at what happen. Aiba, Nino and Sho gather at one place while the others keep whispering to each other.

“What happen?” Aiba asked and scratch his head. Nino shrugged his shoulder but it can be shown at his face that he is worried about Jun while Sho lean on the wall and close his eyes.

“Remember when Ohno told us about Jun’s girlfriend who we didn’t get a chance to get to know and how they broke up?” Sho said all of the sudden. Aiba nods his head slowly and Nino looked at Sho straight on the eyes.

“I have the feeling that it might be the case,” Sho said again while picking up his bottle water and take a drink from it.

“That time when Jun-kun has his slump days?” Nino asked, just to make sure. Sho nods his head. Nino still remember that day, the day everyone gather at Jun’s apartment and everyone sits in the livingroom discussing on how to make Jun gets out from his room or at least make him eat something. The day when they get to see Jun’s sad face and in that moment when everyone was trying so hard to make him happy again. Nino wiped his face with a towel, he don’t want that day to happen again.

Nino know the risk of having a relationship when he is an idol but when he remember how happy Jun is while he is still in the relationship, he want to encourage Jun much more but when accident happen and Jun have to let it go, Nino wished that he could do something to fix it.

They never really know what exactly happen because no one want to tell them but they just decides that it is better for them not to know and concentrate on reviving Jun. Only Ohno knows everything but Ohno also choosing not to tell the full story. All he told them is that Jun is having a bad time because of some reasons and they should just cheer him up. Being a leader and all, they choose to just follow what he said. After a moment, Ohno come back with Jun by his side. In that moment, Nino, Aiba and Sho mentally agreed that they will not question about it.

Jun apologized to the staffs and the rest of Arashi. Sho just pats Jun’s shoulder and smiles at him while Aiba give Jun a big hug. Nino just smiles at Jun and they continue with their practice.


Matsumoto Jun: 21 years old
Yamamoto Satomi: 18 years old

“Tadaima,” Jun whispered to the empty hallway. It is 4am and most of his family is sleeping. He climbs the stairs slowly and headed to his room. He notices that his room’s light is on and he immediately open up the door. Inside his room, Satomi is seated in front of his study desk and her head is on the table. It seems that she has been studying and fall asleep on the way. Jun shakes her a little and she wakes up. She rubbed her eyes a bit and looked at him.

“Satomi, what are you doing here?” asked Jun while placing his luggage at the corner of his bed. Satomi stretch a little before answering.

“I’ve tried studying at home but I can’t concentrate so I asked kaa-chan if I can use your room. I’m sorry, Onii-chan,” she said while still sitting at the chair and bowing to him. Jun laugh a little and sits on his bed.

“Not that I mind but it is getting late. Your parents are not at home?” Jun asked while opening his small luggage and takes out his dirty laundry. Satomi gets up and placed the laundry basket near Jun.

“Nope, they working and my dad is actually at America right now,” Satomi answered. Jun just hmmm and put away the laundry basket at the corner of the room then he takes out a futon from the cupboard and laid it beside the bed.

“I’ll take the futon,” Satomi said while raising her hand. Jun smack lightly her head and point at the bed.

“But you are tired from work and…” Satomi said but been cut by Jun when he lightly smacks her head.

“You, bed,” Jun said while pointing at Satomi then the bed, “I, futon,” he said it again while pointing at himself and then the futon. Satomi laugh a little and nods her head.

“Now, turn around, I am going to take off my clothes,” Jun said while taking out a towel and his pajama. Satomi immediately turn towards the desk and pretending to read something at her notes. She becomes even redder when she heard clothes’s ruffling signaling that Jun is taking off his clothes. When she heard the door been open, thinking that Jun already gone to the bathroom, she laid her head on the desk’s cold surface and without looking if he is gone or not she mumbling something.

“I am just the little sister, just the little sister. He won’t see me that way,” Satomi mumbling but what she doesn’t know that Jun actually still inside the room and heard everything. His heart suddenly beat faster and his cheek flamed with blush. He slowly takes his phone and headed to the bedroom. As he close the bedroom door, he lean his back to the door while placing his hand on his left chest and feels his own heartbeat. He dials someone on the phone and placed it on his ear.

“Oh-chan, remember what I said about that I love someone?” he said immediately after the other end connected. He could hear the sound of ocean in the background signaling that Ohno is currently fishing.

“Yes, what is it? What happen?” Ohno said a bit alarmed. It is quite rare for Jun suddenly called in a middle of the night.

“I think….she love me too,” Jun said it slowly. In his mind, he tried to think on the situation. He is afraid on what will happen if he confessed to her. What will happen when they are in a relationship and he can’t keep up? Will she mad at him if he is too busy? Will she drift away? Will she be safe? All those thoughts came up in his mind.

“Then, what were you waiting for?” Ohno asked. He is kinda amused with the situation that happening right now. For the always confident Jun to be in this stage, the girl must be very special.

“But…” Jun said but been cut by Ohno.

“Jun-kun, I don’t see the problem here. You love her, she loves you and it is not like our agency forbidden us to dates or being in a relationship. We just have to be discreet about it,” Ohno advised. He waits for a moment to hear any response from Jun but then the other line is on silent, so he continues.

“Jun, go for it. You need it,” he said it. In his heart, he wishes that Jun takes an action for his own happiness.

“Thank you, Leader,” Jun finally said something and after a few conversation, they hung up. Jun immediately clean himself and while soaking in the tub he is thinking on what he should do. After a moment, he dries himself and wears his pajama. He gets back to the bedroom and notices that Satomi already sleeping on the bed. He sits at the edge of the bed and stares at her. His hand slowly nears her face and tuck away strays of hair behind her ear. Satomi’s eyes immediately open but relaxed when she saw Jun.

“Onii-chan?” Satomi said while rubbing her eyes a bit. Without thinking, Jun lean forward and kissed her on her forehead. A bit shock, Satomi immediately sits down and come face to face with Jun. She stares at his face and a lot of thoughts running in her mind. Jun rests his palm on her cheek and lean forward again. This time, he kissed her on her lips lightly and backs away a little to check on her reaction. Her eyes grew big from the shock.

“I’ve been in love with you for such a long time,” Jun said. His thumb caresses Satomi’s cheek, waiting for her reaction. A single tear escaped from her eyes and Jun wipes it away with his thumb. He took it as a yes sign and kissed her again, this time a bit deeply. He could feel that Satomi responding to his kiss and he smiled a bit. He stopped kissing her and kissed her forehead. After he back away, Satomi hides her face with a pillow due to embarrass on what happen. Jun chuckled a bit and told her to sleep. He lay down at the futon with a dorky smile on his face.

“Onii-chan?” Jun called for him. She lies down on her stomach and take a peek at Jun. Jun raised his eyebrow and reach out to caresses her head.

“I love you too,” Satomi said and immediately turned to hide herself. Jun’s hand froze on the air and shocks written on his face. He could hear Satomi’s giggling and he chuckled a bit. He falls asleep with a smile on his face. He feels that he is the luckiest man on earth.


Present Day:

“Ohayo~” Nino greets everyone in the dressing room. He sits beside Ohno on the couch and take a peek on what Ohno is reading. It is one of Ohno’s fishing magazines. He chuckled a bit and takes out his DS to play some games. Moment later, Jun arrives and greeted everyone. He immediately sits at the other Ohno’s side and takes out a book to read.

“Ohayo everyone,” their manager greets them all when he arrive. Chorus of good morning from Arashi can be heard. Their manager take a look at a few paperwork that he brought before continue to speak.

“Well, it has been finalize that Ohno-san will have another art exhibition,” their manager said. Everyone congratulate Ohno and clapped their hand. Ohno smiles widely at his achievement and in his mind, he already thinking about how he gonna presenting his art again.

“Oh, and today I will introduce you guys to someone who will help arranging Ohno’s exhibition. Ohno-san most probably already knew her because she said that you and her are acquaintance. She probably will be here any minute, she is currently having a meeting with Kitagawa-sama,” their manager said it again. By the mention of it, Ohno suddenly tense and take a look at Jun. Jun eyes meet his and they both know who it is.

“I didn’t know that you know Kitagawa-sama’s granddaughter,” their manager said while looking at Ohno and then he sits at one of the single couch. Everyone except for Jun look at Ohno surprised. Ohno just smile and shrugged his shoulder. A knock can be heard at the door and their manager immediately gets up and opened up the door.

“Ah, Yamamoto-sama, please do come in,” their manager welcome someone and gesturing her to come in.

“Eh, Satomi-chan?” Nino said as soon as Satomi come in. She smiles at him and bow her head.

“How you get to know her?” Jun said, trembling a bit.

“Uh, we share a table at the café I always go and we talk about her art,” Nino answered the question and he feel strange. Looking at Jun who can’t take off his eyes on Satomi and Ohno who looks at Jun, worry written all over his face and Satomi at the moment who look at Jun too as if they were having a painful experience. Aiba and Sho also notice the awkward situation and look at Nino. Nino shrugged his shoulder and continues looking at Satomi.

He didn’t like it, he didn’t like the look that Jun and Satomi had. It is as if they in love with each other and can’t confess to it or that they can’t be together as if someone prevents it. Nino grabbed Ohno’s shoulder and when Ohno look at him, Nino asked.

“What the heck is happening?”
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20 June 2011 @ 11:20 am
Notes: before you guys throws tomato at me, gomen!!! I wanna try writing something with triangle love plot.
 Chapter 2

The atmosphere at the dining hall certainly feels weird. Everyone is tense and nervous for some reason. Jun takes a slice of meat and pops it into his mouth following with rice. He takes a glance at a girl sitting beside him who done nothing but eat.

“So…” Jun started the conversation by looking at her. She looks startled at first but continue looking at him.

“Are you on vacation?” he asked. In his heart, he wished that she is coming back for him. To stay in his arms once more. Lightly, she shakes her head.

“I am here for work. Heard that I need to organize someone exhibition but they didn’t finalize who’s yet,” Satomi answered. She continues eating after that just to avoid watching him. Even after all this years living without him, she thought that it will be okay and everything will be fine but all he need to do is just stares at her with those eyes, and her heart will fluttered.

She closes her eyes momentarily to straighten herself and continue eating while making small talks with him and his mother. All this time, she could feel that he keep staring at her and how she wished she could be in his arm again but she know, it will never be possible for someone like her, to be with someone like him.

“Satomi-chan told me that she gonna stay here at least for a year,” his mother informed him. He smiles at his mother for giving the information at the right time. He could feel that she fidgeting a bit. Once again, Jun look at her. There is nothing much of changes in her appearances. Still the same long curly hair he love to twirl his finger on, the same white milky skin he love to touch, the same eyes he loves to stares and definitely the same lips he loves to kiss. Her makeup always is minimal and he loves it that way. She looks great in long sleeved purple blouse with simple black fitting slack.

“So, where are you staying?” Jun asked. Satomi stopped piling the dishes and stares at him. After a moment, she answered.

“At Ritz Carlton Hotel,” Satomi answered. Jun whistled in awe.

“You making a lot of money,” he joked. She laughs at his jokes and shakes her head. She brings the dishes toward the kitchen sink and naturally starts washing the dishes. As if nothing weird happening, she passed the clean wet dishes to Jun and he starts to wipes it. 

“I miss moments like this,” Jun said it slowly. Upon hearing, Satomi stop washing the dishes and bow down her head. She shakes her head and continues washing the dishes and passed it to Jun when she is done. 

“I miss it too, Jun but you do know we can’t,” she said at the end. He could feel her gaze burning on his side and he slowly nods his head. As they stand in the kitchen, he stares at her eyes and wishes thing are different and their situation is not the way it is. He leaned towards her slowly and connects their forehead together. He could feel her tears are slowly falling and he wiped it with his thumb. She did not resist when he starts to kiss her and slowly, he deepen the kiss. After a moment, Satomi push him away gently. He kissed her forehead and caresses her cheek.

“Goodbye again Satomi,” Jun whispered to her ears. She nods slowly and watches as he walks to the front door. The moment he leaves, she slumped on the floor, her hand covering her own mouth to muffle the crying sound. She lean her head on the kitchen cabinet and close her eyes. She wished she can turn back time and change her past but no matter what happen, this is her life.
Jun on the other hand, lean his head on the steering wheel. His tears dropped on his jeans and his knuckles turned white due to him grabbing the steering wheel so tight. He wished he could turn back time and change his decisions but what he does now is his passions and there is nothing he can do to change that. He roughly wipes his tears away with his hand and drove away. In his mind, there is only one girl that he loves and that one girl is the only one he wants. 

Matsumoto Jun : 18 years old
Yamamoto Satomi : 15 years old

“Onii-chan! Found you!” shout Satomi while looking at Jun who currently laying down at the playground slide. Jun glares at her as if she is the most annoying thing in the world. It makes her heart breaks and she’s wondering what the reason for Jun’s change of behavior is. One of her friends told her that it is just a phase that any boys will go to; they called it a rebellion age. 

“Onii-chan, kaachan looking for you,” Satomi said while pulling Jun’s hand to make him stand but Jun refused to budge. Satomi let go Jun’s hand for a while and put her hand on her waist.

“Kaachan will get mad, you know,” Satomi said again but it seems that it didn’t affect Jun at all. 

“Oniichan…ah!” Satomi pulls Jun’s hand again but he immediately pulls his hand away from her grip. It causes Satomi to lose her footing and fall backward. Jun immediately gets up and checks on Satomi. She still lay there on the sand looking at the night sky.

“Satomi-chan, are you okay?” Jun asked while looking at her, checking if there are any injuries. It startled him when tears start to fall from her eyes. He immediately grabs Satomi’s shoulder and makes her sit down while checking if she has any serious injuries. Satomi pushed Jun away and rest her forehead on her knees. Her shoulder shakes as she cries and Jun just sit there, wondering what he should do. He slowly kneels in front of her and caresses her hair.

“Onii-chan, I don’t want to hate you,” Satomi whispered. Jun closed his eyes and stop caressing her hair. 

“I missed my old Onii-chan,” he heard she whisper again and her whole body shakes as she cry. 

“You don’t talk to me anymore,” she said again. She hugged her knees tighter and continue crying. Jun feels helpless and don’t know what to do. He didn’t know that his behavior hurt Satomi so much. He kneels closer to her and hugged her.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to her over and over again until she calm down. When she finally calm, he let her go and turned around. He instructs her to climb onto him so that he can piggy back her and walked home. He could feel that Satomi’s arm tighten around his neck and her breath is close to his ears. 

“Onii-chan, do you hate me?” Satomi asked slowly. She is afraid of the answer that he will give her and she don’t want to be hated by the only person who important to her. Jun’s laughter rang around the neighborhood.

“What are you saying~?” Jun said and gently smacks the back of his head with Satomi’s forehead. Satomi feels relieved and tighten her hold around Jun’s neck and kissed her cheek. Jun immediately stop and turn his head a bit to look at Satomi.

“I hope you don’t do that to anyone,” Jun warned. Satomi smiles and nods her head once. Jun smiles too and continues to walk home. He shakes his head a bit and tries to breathe slowly to calm his heartbeat.

She doesn’t know what she is doing, my sunshine is innocent.

He could feel her warm at his back and her warm breath breathes on his skin. It has been since forever that he figured it out that he is in love with her but being with him might hurt her. He can’t publicly announce that she is his girlfriend if she accepts his love and he’s afraid that she will leave him if she rejects. To be safe, he choose to just stay as her big brother but sometimes he wonder, what will happen if he confess. 

My sunshine is better without me.

One thing for sure, he will never do anything to hurt her and confessing his love might hurt her. He makes a promise to himself, he will be the bestest big brother ever. 

Present Day:

Nino takes a sip from his soda and then continues looking at the scenery outside the café. He stretch a little and laugh a bit when he saw a child running away from his mother. He sighed and lay his head down on the table and closes his eyes. All of the sudden, a crash sound can be heard just beside his table. Nino immediately looks up and saw that someone has fall and currently busy picking up her item that fall. She noticed that Nino was looking at her and bows her head a little as an apology. 

“I am so sorry,” she said while still busy picking up her items. Nino noticed that she have a few art supplies fall out from her bag. Nino gets up and help her to gather her stuff. 

“Thank you so much, Ninomiya-san,” she said and stand up. She check if she got all her item before bow down again to Nino. 

Nino’s heartbeat suddenly increased. He saw a lot of beautiful woman but he never saw this kind before. She has a long wavy hair that shines when the sun hits it. A beautiful brown eyes that the color as close as Nino’s eyes and definitely a bright smile. A smile that in his mind, he wants to see more. Nino notices the signs, he attracted towards her and he definitely want to get to know her better.
She smiles at him and was saying something but Nino can’t heard it because mainly, he focus staring at her. She tilts her head when Nino didn’t response to her words and she waves her hand in front of Nino’s face. Nino blinks his eyes and shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Nino asked. 
“Are you okay?” that woman asked, her face shows that she worried.

“Ah, I am fine,” Nino said and laugh a bit. She smiles again and laughs along. 

“Please, grab a sit,” Nino offered while pointing towards his table. 

“Eh, it’s okay. You must come here to relax, being an idol and all. You also choose a very secluded area in the café. I don’t want to bother you,” she said while looking around to find another table but unfortunately, at the most secluded area in the café, there are only one table.

“It’s okay, I can share,” Nino said while smiles his trademarks smile. He don’t want to let her go because if he let her go now, he have this feeling that he will never saw her again. She laughs a bit at his statement and look at the table.

“Well, if you don’t mind me bothering you, I’ll take your offer,” she said while placing her bag on the opposite chair. Nino immediately pulls out the chair for her and as she seated, she thank him.

“Ninomiya Kazunari desu,” Nino introduced himself after he sits in front of her. She laughs a bit.

“I know. Yamamoto Satomi desu,” she introduced herself and they shake hands. Somehow, that name seems familiar to him but he chooses to ignore it.

“You draw?” Nino asked while pointing at her bag. Satomi nods her head and takes out her sketch book. She offered the book to him and Nino decided to take a look at it.

“You should meet my leader,” Nino said while still looking at her drawings. In a moment, he notices that her body stiff a little before she smiles and nod her head. He is assuming that maybe she is Ohno’s fan and all of the sudden he feels jealousy. He changes the topic by asking about her and they have a few conversations. He told her a lot of jokes just because he want to see her laugh. At this moment, Nino feels happy and he definitely in love. After a few hours hanging out with each other, Satomi glance at her wristwatch and notices that it is late. 

“I’m sorry Ninomiya-san but I have to go,” Satomi said and start to gather her stuff.

“Kazu, called me Kazu,” Nino offered. Satomi smiles at him and nods her head. She takes out her name card and give it to Nino.

“Then, Kazu-kun, called me Satomi,” she said and stands up. Nino stand up too and immediately pays the bill.

“Oh, you don’t have too,” Satomi said while taking out her wallet.

“It’s okay, next time you treat me,” Nino said while stopping her from taking out her wallet.

“Come on, I sent you to your hotel,” Nino offered while opening the door for her. They get out from the café and immediately Nino pulls her towards where he parks his car. Satomi laugh a bit and gets in into Nino’s car when he opened the door for her. He drives her to the hotel and when she about to gets out from his car he snatches her phone and key in his phone number. Nino smirks at Satomi while she just laughs and shakes her head.

“You are unbelievable,” Satomi said and snatches back her phone. 

“Believe it,” Nino said and smile playfully at her while wriggling his eyebrows. Satomi waves goodbye at him and it takes a lot of energy to drove away. He wants to spend more time with her and he sighed.

I want her, I want her to be mine…
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17 June 2011 @ 05:44 pm
Notes: Ermm, I dunno if I should rated this but so far it is still safe for minors...haha...and this story kinda inspired by Refrain but I hope that I won't have much problem updating this story. I always start a fanfiction but in the end can;t continue due to idea blockage. Anyway, comments are loved and any improvement needed, please do tell me.

Chapter 1

“Tadaima~” Jun said while entering his apartment. From the entryway, he takes a quick look around the apartment that filled with darkness. He sigh and feel stupid from saying that he is back to no one while knowing that nobody gonna say welcome back or okaeri to him. He took off his shoe and flipped the light switch. Immediately the apartment fills with lights.

At the living room, Jun take off his coat and put his briefcase on the coffee table. He heads to the kitchen and take a can of beer from the fridge. While sipping the beer, he unbutton his shirt while heading towards his room. After a quick shower, wearing only a pajama pants, he lay down on his bed and take a quick glance towards the alarm clock. It is already 3AM and luckily, he don’t have any work tomorrow.

Beside the alarm clock, there a picture that he keep for so long. A picture of him and certain someone that he want to meet again. A certain someone who sacrifices a lot for him and he missed so much. He takes the picture frame and stares at it. He hummed a song, their memory song, the song that she loves and the song that he sang for her one night. He slowly sings.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine,
You make me happy,
While skies are gray.

A single tear fall from his eyes and he hugged the frame
“Ne, I want to see you,” Jun whispered. He kissed the picture and put it back on the side table. He smiles and fall asleep dreaming of her.

Matsumoto Jun : 10 years old
Yamamoto Satomi : 7 years old

The doorbell rang and 10 years old Matsumoto Jun heard his mother open the door. He heard a few conversation happening and then his mother calls for him. He gets up and headed to the front door. 

“Jun, greet the new neighbor. This is Yamamoto Ayaka and her daughter, Satomi-chan. Yamamoto-san, this is my youngest child, Jun” his mother introduces him. He bows down a little and smiles at the new neighbor but he can’t see anyone else except the woman standing beside his mother.

“Hajimemashite Jun-kun,” the woman smiles at him.

”Satomi, greets Jun-onii-chan,” she said while pulling someone from behind. Hiding behind Ayaka’s skirt is a little girl wearing a strawberry printed dress with pigtails. She bow quickly and shyly glance at him. 

“Please do come in,” his mother inviting Ayaka and Satomi inside. They take off their shoe and headed inside. Jun feels that he no longer needed there, he headed to the livingroom and continue reading the book that his father buys for him. After a while focusing on reading, he feels like someone staring at him and look at his right. Satomi is seating beside him while staring at him and then take a look at his book.

“What?” Jun asked. Satomi shakes her head a little bit and look a bit scared. Jun sighs and gives her the book because he is assuming that Satomi want to read it. She takes it slowly and opens it so carefully. After a while, she looks at him again with a smile. A smile that makes his heart melts.

“Sun,” Satomi said while pointing at the drawing. Jun nods his head a bit and in his mind, a thought came up

Yes, like your smile, a sun in my life

Since then, Satomi and he become friends. Due to her parents always busy with work, sometimes his mother takes care of Satomi and they always play together. 

“Onii-chan, read it for me?” Satomi asked him while pointing at one of his story books. This is one of many nights that require for his mother to take care of Satomi. He nods his head and read for Satomi. He loves reading for Satomi. She always in awe whenever he read for her and clapping with her tiny hand after he finish reading for her but today, before he even finish reading, she fall asleep beside him. As he stared at his sleeping face, he slowly bend towards her and kissed her forehead. He smiles as he succeeds in doing it. 

Forever, I will protect my sunshine forever.


Present Day:

Jun wakes up when the sun shining through his bedroom window and hits his eyes. He stretches a little and stares at the ceiling wondering what he should do today. Looking around the room, he decided to tidy up the house a bit. It seems it was a bit cluttered because lately he has been busy with work and didn’t have a time to clean it up. He immediately gets up, takes a shower, eat some bread for breakfast and starts to clean.When he busy moping the floor, his telephone rings.

“Moshi moshi, ah Nino, what’s the matter?” Jun answered the phone.

“Nothing much, it just that it seems such a long time since we have a day off and I dunno what to do with it,” Nino answered back. Jun laugh a bit and he heard that Nino also laugh at his own jokes.

“What are you doing?” Nino asked.

“Cleaning the house. It’s a bit dusty,” Jun answered. He mopped the floor while placing the phone in between his ear and shoulder. He put the mop inside the bucket and bring the bucket to the bathroom.

“Such an entertaining way to spend a day off,” Nino said with a bit of sarcasm. Jun shakes his head at Nino’s antic.

“Wanna grab lunch?” Jun asked while looking at the clock. He was wondering if he should invite the others too. He heard Nino talking to someone and after a while he answered.

“Sure. Aiba –chan and Oh-chan wanna follow too. Can you call Sho-chan and asked him if he wanna join?” Nino said. After a few plans on where to eat and meet, they hung up. Jun immediately called Sho and asked him if he wanna join and it seems that today, all Arashi will be having lunch together.

After a quick drive, Jun arrive at the family restaurant that they always go and they love this place due to its environment and they have a table at the secluded area. After a quick greet to the worker, he headed to the table that located at the far back of the restaurant. Ohno, Aiba and Nino already arrive and was talking about something, He take a seat and look around.

“Sho is not here yet?” Jun asked.

“He is in the bathroom,” Aiba replied. As in cue, Sho gets out from the bathroom and take a seat beside Jun.

“It is kinda sad when we have a day off and all of us don’t know what to do,” Sho said while shaking his head.

“Jun-kun cleans his apartment. He knows what to do,” Nino said jokingly. As in reflex, Jun smack Nino’s head. They laugh a bit.

“I know! All I did today is my laundry because I have a lot. When you have a day off, all of the sudden you want to clean ne,” Aiba said while sipping his milkshake. Jun nods his head.

“I don’t have to clean, Kaachan did all that,” Ohno said, proudly. Everyone stared at him as if he has another head growing on him.

“And I always wonder why he was the older one,” Nino said while petting Ohno’s head. Ohno just smiles and munching on his fries.

“Let’s play dart!” all of the sudden Aiba suggesting. Sho and Nino agree while Jun wants to continue sitting. When he eats his hamburger, he notices that Ohno stares at him.

“What is it, Leader?” Jun asked while wiping his hand with tissues.

“Have you heard news about her?” Ohno asked.

“Her? Who?” Jun asked again. Even though he knew who is Ohno mentioning but he choose to play ignorant.

“Satomi-chan,” Ohno said. Ohno stares at Jun’s face for any reaction when he mention the name and he know, it still hurt whenever he mentioning about Satomi. If he can turn back time, he will do anything to make Jun and Satomi happy but both of them are too secretive. They always were thinking about others instead of themselves.

“Nope but kaachan once mention something about she works at some art gallery at New York,” Jun said while shrugging his shoulder. He acts as if the name didn’t hurt him and try to appear as if he don’t care but the look on Ohno’s eyes shows that he failed to do so or it is just maybe that Ohno can read him better.

“Don’t you contact her?” Ohno asked. Jun shakes his head while dipping his fries on the sauce and munches on it.

“She might be busy plus I don’t want to bother her. She has a lot to do and she is busy with her work,” Jun said. Even in his head he knows that everything he said sounded like excuses.

“Jun…I know that both of you decided it was better to…you know…for Arashi and all but don’t you think that Sa…” Ohno said but cut halfway when he notices that Aiba, Sho and Nino headed back to the table.

“What you guys talking about?” Nino asked when he sits on the chair.

“Nothing, we were talking about how the burger on Jun’s hand looks so much like your hand,” Ohno said while smiling at Nino. Nino tilts his head and then stares at the hamburger currently on the plate. As a joke, he compares his hand with the burger.

“Ah, hontou da~” Nino said and all of them laugh. For a few hours all they did is talking about random stuff. Jun glance at his
wristwatch and notices that it is late. He has planned to go back to his parents’ house.

“Ne, I got to go. I’m gonna headed to my parents’ house for dinner,” Jun said while picking up his bag. They bid farewell and Jun leave the rest of Arashi in the restaurant. Jun get on his car and drove away. While driving, he suddenly reminded about Satomi. He takes out his phone and takes a look at the picture of her that he has.

It is one of the pictures of her when she graduated from highschool wearing her uniform with the diploma on her hand. She smiles so proudly and poses when he snapped the picture. Unfortunately, it was taken in his bedroom because he can’t go to her graduation ceremony. He closed his eyes when he feels that he gonna cry and throw his phone on the passenger seat. The light went green and he continues driving.

“Kaachan, I’m about to arrive at home. You wanna grab dinner outside?” Jun asked his mother on the phone. He carefully drives toward the small alley that near to his parents’ house. After a few comments from his mother, they hang up. It seems that his mother decided to cook dinner because it has been such a long time since he come back home.

“Tadaima~” Jun said while opening the front door.

“Kaachan?” Jun called.

“In the kitchen!” he heard his mother calls for him. He heads to the kitchen and what he saw shock him. There she was, his sunshine, the one he miss the most, standing in the kitchen with her mother. The way his mother holds her shoulder as if to prevent her from getting away.

“Satomi-chan,” he said. His eyes can’t stopped looking at her and the way he see it, so is she. He could see that she was nervous standing in front of him. After a while, she looks straight into his eyes and smiles.

“Okaeri, onii-chan,” Satomi said.
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24 March 2011 @ 03:03 pm
Pairing: not decided yet
Rating: PG-13 so far
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi so Johnny Oji-chan, forgive me for using your boys in this fic
Notes: I dunno yet whether I am going to continue this fic with pairing such as (your ichiban/you) or maybe I should makes each member versions but even if I writes each member version, this will be the introduction... huhu

 "Anata! Children! Wakes up, the breakfast almost ready!" shout a woman from the kitchen. A few grumble of yes heard from upstairs and she shakes her head while laughing a little.A typical Sunday morning that always happening in the household. She continues cooking and then stirring the miso soup brewing in the pot. She stopped all of the sudden when she feels someone hug her from behind and someone kissed her on her cheek.

"Ohayo," he whispered, hugging her tighter.

"Ohayo," she replied and turn her body to faced her husband. He lightly kissed her forehead and let her go. She smiles at him and caress his cheek.

"Anata, can you go and check the kids up? They probably still sleeping," she said while continue cooking, He just nod and headed to check the children upstairs. While he upstairs checking the children, she already placed the breakfast at the dining table. After a moment, he comes down with the children.

"Itadakimasu~" he said after everyone sit around the dining table. When they are done, the children head upstairs to bath while he helps her washing the dishes.

"Anata, don't you have schedule today?" she asked and he just nodded while looking at the clock hang on the wall.

"It's okay, today is location shooting, so they gonna picked us up. I have another hour or so," he said and wipes the last plate.

"Mannequin 5?" she asked with teasing smile. He nods and pokes her on the waist. She smack his hand playfully and jokingly he try to smack her hand too. He grabs her waist and brings her closer to him and touches his forehead to her forehead.

"I love you, zutto," he whispered to her and she smile. He kissed her on the lips lightly at first but it's getting deeper. He lightly push her while still kissing her and her back touch the kitchen counter but all of the sudden they heard giggles coming out from behind them and when he turned, the children are watching them. She pushed him away and hides her face due to embarrass but he link his arm around her shoulder and show a peace sign to the children. She shoved him away and glares to the children. All of them run away to upstairs while laughing. She shakes her head and wondering how she gonna discipline her children if the father is like this.

"Well, we must show them how much we love each other," he said while looking at her teasingly. She sighs and lightly smacks his head.

"I need to get your things ready," she said while going upstair and he followed suit.

-1 hour later-

"Ittekimasu~" he said, cheerfully.

"Itterasshai," she replied along with the children who waves their father energetically. After he gone, they headed back into the house.

"Mama," her youngest child calling for her while pulling her skirt a bit.

"What is it?" she asked while crouching a bit to level her heights with her child.

"How mama and papa met?" the child asked. She could see that there are a lot of curiousity running in the child's mind.

"Hmmmm...why you asked?" she asked.

"It is just that Satomi-chan tell me that her mama and papa meet at work and they fall in love because her papa saves her mama," the child explained. She laugh a bit due to her child explaination and swiftly pick up the child to cradle the child. She headed to the living room with the child and sit on the couch.

"Well, I dunno where to start. Let me think," she said and by that time, all her children already gather and sit on the couch to listen to her story.

"Okay, when I was younger, I like this group idol so much that I always go to their concert. That group is Arashi,"

And her story begin...
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04 March 2011 @ 02:45 am
 Title: Unbreak My Heart
Author: Matsusayuri
Pairing: OC x Matsujun
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Other than Akiyama Yuko, the rest of the character did not belong to me no matter how much I wished for it.
Notes: finally I update this fic...its a biiiiiig writing block and RL is getting busy plus I am not sure...should I end this fic here or should I continue with their lives after marriage... tell me what you guys think

Chapter 6

Yuko stared at herself on the mirror and each second passed, she feels more nervous than ever. She keeps pacing around the room and can’t seem too calmed down. Suddenly, a knock on the door stop her pacing and a head peeked in with a smirk.

Read more...Collapse )
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27 December 2010 @ 03:41 pm
Scene 1

Scene 2
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